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You're pregnant or breastfeeding or both but one thing we can both agree on is that your boobs now have a mind of their own. Right? They are up. They are down. What size are they now anyways? What size will they be? So many questions. We totally understand and are here to help.

We have created a size calculator to help you get your "girls" into the right size gorgeous You! Lingerie nursing bra.

Important:  Ok, let's be completely honest, any bra sizing system where a tape measure is involved will not be completely accurate. There is no 100% bra measuring system. Why, you ask? Well, there are several factors can affect your measurements – the fit of the bra you are wearing during measurement, the firmness of your breasts, the broadness of your back, the narrowness of your shoulders and just plain human error. So these factors and more can impact the size that you arrive at during measurement. Look at your calculated size as your best starting point.

Calculate your Bra Size

1 Measure Your Band Size

Band Size

Using a tape measure, measure your underbust. Make sure the tape is parallel with the ground, and you've exhaled to get the smallest measurement possible

My band measurement is inches

2 Measure Your Cup Size

Cup Size

Stand straight, with your arms at your side and measure at the fullest part of your bust (while wearing a non-padded bra). Make sure the measuring tape is parallel with the ground and not binding.

My cup measurement is inches
Calculate Your Size

Your recommended bra size is

Don't be alarmed if this size is different from what you are used to. You! Lingerie sizing is specifically tailored for expecting & nursing moms. While there is no 100% accurate measuring system, this size is a great starting point to finding bras that will fit you perfectly.

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