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Our customers love You! Lingerie and they love sharing their comments and feedback with others. Check out this page for selected comments from our wonderful customers.

Rave reviews from You! Lingerie customers:

I'm in love with my nursing bra from y'all. I told my husband I was tired of my industrial strength one and wanted something sexy. It's so comfortable and easy to use. Thank you for making a bra that I can feel sexy in even though I'm Breastfeeding.

— Caroline B.

Thank you so much for making amazing nursing bras. Just got my 3 bras today (such fast shipping!) and was impressed by your customer service almost as much as your product. These bras are not only functional and comfortable but beautiful and sexy! I feel amazing in it and my husband loves them too. Thank you so much. I will only recommend your bras to my mama friends from now on and I'll definitely be ordering some more for myself! :)

— Penny F., Midway Park, North Carolina

I just received my bras today!!! They fit wonderfully!!! I've been searching for a bra, since last summer, that would fit my small frame and large bust from implants and current nursing. I LOVE THESE!! Thank you SO MUCH for helping a nursing mom feel beautiful and sexy again instead of having to settle for the old granny nursing bras sold elsewhere.

— Heather F., Thomasboro, Illnois

Got my order yesterday finally tried on and omg im in love. Im only 12w preg. But I cant wait to nurse I love how easy the clips are other nursing bras say one hand but really take 2 lol. I cant wait to buy more ^_^

— Kimberly P., Hinesville, Georgia

Mine just arrived in Isis Blue and Ella Rose! :) Fantastic service, quick delivery, and a handwritten note? Who does that! I'll definitely be buying from you again! LOVE THESE!

— Kristina G., Bear, Delaware

Just received my nursing bras. They are BEAUTIFUL! I'm sooo glad I found You! Lingerie! When your whole body is changing and you feel less than attractive, it's so important to find that one thing that makes you feel sexy!! I LOVE your stuff. My only advice would be for you to start a line of Nursing tanks and shirts!! I'd definitely buy them!♥

— Brandi O., Germany

Sexiest, most amazing nursing bras on the market-- and trust me I've tried them ALL. Even the ones that claim to be 'sexy' are still some blase granny bra that may try very hard, but just doesn't get the job done. These feel like real lingerie-- not a nursing bra, and the bonus is that they are comfortable and functional as well! But the real test is that my husband likes them even more than I do-- which is A LOT! ;)

— Ange T., Castle Rock, Colorado

So impressed! I placed my order online Saturday morning and it was waiting for me when I got home from work tonight! I haven't tried them on yet but they look beautiful and I'm looking forward to showing my husband tonight ;)

— Rebecca M., Columbia, Pennsylvania

I received my bras today and I love them! They're so comfortable and functional, but still fun and sexy. Love the thank you note too. I'll be telling all my nursing mommy friends about you!

— Sunayana W., Euless, Texas

I'd just like to share that I got my first You! Lingerie bra today, in Bella Cerise! I was SO IMPRESSED, Uyo, by your awesome speed! i just ordered my bra Friday, and i already received it today! it fits PERFECTLY and gives great support, MUCH better support than my $50 uggo nursing bra! AMAZING! I would also like... to thank you for the beautiful hand-written note--an art that is almost forgotten these days, it is so wonderful and impressive that you would take the time to do something so personal for your customers! A thank-you note for someone purchasing your product? AWESOME! I think you have a wonderful mindset, and i am so incredibly pleased with your product; also, may i say, awesome job doing minimal and yet enough packaging so that your bras aren't crushed while being shipped! So great.

— Joy D., Dekalb, Illinois

The signature hot pink clips (love) are easy to open one-handed. The lightly lined cups provide modesty without bulk. The straps are wide for comfort, and there is a triple hook at the back with four size settings, meaning a comfortable band (no digging in at the sides) and adjustability for fluctuating sizes during pregnancy and nursing. I found mine to be very supportive - now, I'm not super-sized in the boob department, but I am used to wearing underwires and I totally didn't miss the wire at all.

— Emily B., Ontario, Canada

We've been gone all week but finally I am home and ran straight to the mailbox! My mom ordered the Isis Blue and Berry Monroe bras for me on Dec. 16, and they shipped Dec. 17! They are beautiful!! I had to get the biggest size, lol... and was another skeptic of an underwire-less bra, but they work perfectly! And a hand...written thank-you note? Just amazing! Thanks so much, I'm so happy I read Emily's blog review and found your company!

— Sarah M., Pawling, New York

I just received my bra and panty set! Super fast shipping! I am very picky about my bras and have a hard time finding bras that fit proper and are comfortable. The look has never been a factor! But now I can have a great fitting bra that is comfortable and sexy! I appreciate the time taken to hand write a thank you note which was included! I will be back to make another purchase!

— Lynn H., DeWitt, Iowa

Oh nursing bras came in today, and they are the prettiest most comfortable things ever! I feel sexy at 9 months!

— Kealy D., Katy, Texas

I noticed the details that make this bra unique. Sweet little bows. Bright pink nursing clips. It's all in the details, right?! This bra looks EXPENSIVE. It looks fun and pretty, and it looks like one you would buy at a special boutique, for an arm and a leg, and maybe even your first born. Good news is these bras are SO affordable!

— Emily C., York, Pennsylvania

My package was delivered yesterday and I loooooove my bras!!! Thank you for offering such a wonderful product at an affordable price. I'm telling all my mommy friends! I wish you the best

— Carrie C., Livermore, California

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For the determining the best starting point for your bra size, please visit our How to Measure Your Bra Size page.  


Cup Bra Sizing Guide (in inches)

  1. Measure your band size

Wearing your bra, take a snug measurement around your ribcage, directly under your bust and keep level all around. If you get an odd number, round up to the next even number. This is your band size.

  1. Measure your bust size

Take a loose measurement over the fullest part of your bust, keeping the tape level around your body. If needed, round up to the nearest inch.

  1. Calculate your cup size

Subtract your band size from your bust size, and use the difference to find your cup size on the chart below.

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