Celebrity Baby Weight Loss: A New Type of Mama Drama!!!

July 09, 2013

Is it just me or does it seem like the new accessory every celebrity is flaunting these days is a baby bump? I mean…come on! It’s a given that you WILL be talked about if there’s a “Bun in the oven,” but the real discussion/scrutiny starts after you birth your bundle of joy. The focus quickly shifts and snowballs into how fast or slow the baby weight comes off! This distorted focus has unfortunately become the new normal. It is now society’s standard in which a woman is measured. Isn’t the pressure of caring for a baby heavy enough? Shining a spotlight on how much weight needs to come off your arms and thighs is a burden most mamas carry to the store, daycare and into their bedrooms. WHO IS TO BLAME? There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel “sexy” but there is something very wrong and unhealthy with wanting to lose weight in a very short amount of time after giving birth. The birth of social media definitely ISN’T softening its blow on our self-esteem. It isn’t diluting this obsession; instead, it has fueled a new epidemic, creating a new strand of unnecessary mama drama! We forget! I think we sometimes forget we are not like celebrities. We forget not to buy into the illusion they are selling. Come on! We’ve all done it! We do a double take of celebrities like Halle Berry, Miranda Kerr, Kristen Cavallari, Mariah Carey and Beyonce. It’s as if they stood in front of their mirrors with a magic wand and chanted “Abracadabra!” and POOF! The baby weight melts off in weeks and a few months! It’s a miracle! Even our significant other have come to expect the same type of miracle, but I think we forget they (celebrities) have personal surgeons, trainers, chefs, assistants, nannies and make-up artists to make them look like a million dollars! They are worth that much aren’t they? Besides, it is their job to look like they just came off a page of sports illustrated :) I am not insinuating that celebrities are the only ones who should look trim and sexy! I am very certain they too feel the pressure to look a certain way but reality is, with the type of RESOURCES they have, it is a lot easier for them to lose the extra pouch on their tummies in much less time :) The reverse of this is… Just because you are not in the public eye doesn’t mean you should be lax about being proactive in losing the baby weight. As long as you are diligent with exercising and eating right, the weight WILL come off. Our eyes are constantly feasting on celebrities showing off their new bodies on the cover of a magazine shortly after giving birth and we quickly forget we have regular 9-5 jobs! We are not in the spotlight, yet we exert so much energy and pressure to lose the weight like THEY do. We must refocus the lenses in which we view ourselves. We must learn to redefine ourselves by our own standards and not what the media says it should be. We should focus on our own healthy goals not that of the women we see on TV. As a collective whole…as WOMEN, we must reevaluate our definition of beauty and rid ourselves of this insignificant weight we carry around that makes us feel heavier than we truly are :) There is really no need to create unnecessary baby drama for ourselves :) Please leave a comment. We will love to hear your thoughts!

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