8 Parenting Topics That Will Always Cause A Debate

October 27, 2014

Only parents can relate and know this cold hard truth. Parenting is hard! Sometimes you wonder if you are even doing it right. Sometimes you wonder if you are already a failure as a parent. Even though we are all aware of this truth, there are still some parenting topics that gets parents from all over the country heated! Here are some sensitive topics that always seem to cause a debate and gets many parents to sound off!

1.   Spanking

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To spank or not to spank is the question of the day! Many parents have said they spank their toddlers because it reminds the child not to repeat the same bad behavior but does it really work? There have been numerous debates and studies about this. Some experts says it helps and others highly disagree. Do you spank your toddler?

2.   Giving kids allowance to do chores

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Some parents feel it necessary to give their kids allowance to do chores around the house. This way, they feel it helps them get a sense of the real world because in order to eat, you need to work to earn money. Others feel it is a slippery slope when you do this because then, your child will want to get paid for every single thing you ask them to do. Some believe chores should be kept separate from allowance. Chores needs to be done to teach them responsibility. What do you think? Would you or do you give your kids allowance for chores around the house?

3.   The crying it out method

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Okay, here’s where it gets really serious. We all know babies cry sometimes not because they are hungry, but because they simply want to be held. The crying it out method is when you let a baby cry for a few minutes up to an hour. Some parents let their babies cry it out to teach them to sleep through the night and allow them to get used to not being held every time they cry. Others say it’s cruel and inhumane to let your baby cry when all he/she needs is just to be cuddled. Some experts believe they are better ways to help babies learn how to soothe themselves to help them sleep through the night. What are your thoughts on the crying it out method?

 4.   Co-Sleeping

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There is always a huge debate surrounding this topic. Many parents share their bed with their children because they feel it helps with bonding and reduces sleep disruption throughout the night. Many other parents say it’s dangerous because there have been many cases of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Do you co-sleep with your baby or are you against it?

5.   Disposable vs. Cloth Diaper

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Parents sound off when it comes to this topic. Not really sure why people get so sensitive about this because I believe it all comes down to preference. To each his own. Some feel disposable diapers are wasteful, expensive, disgusting and harmful to the earth. On the other hand, others feel disposable diaper is quick and effortless. Are you team cloth diaper or disposable diaper?

6.   Immunization

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To immunize or not to immunize? There has been so much debate surrounding this hot topic for many years. It’s not about seeing or hearing your child’s piercing cry of despair at the poke of a needle, many parents believe that exposing your child to vaccines is as dangerous as the disease you are trying to prevent them from.  They fear those who have been immunized are the most susceptible to that same disease. For those who choose to vaccinate their children, there’s also a debate on whether or not you should delay the immunization schedule or go with the medical recommendation. Do you and will you immunize your kids or would you skip it?

7.   Piercing Ears

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Ooooo! Many parents feel it is best to pierce your child’s ear when they are born or do it within the 1st year of their lives. Others feel it is more appropriate to let this be the child’s decision when they are old enough to make decisions on their own. Did you wait to let your child make her own decision or did you pierce her ear as a baby?

8.   When to take a newborn out in public

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Okay, when do you think it’s appropriate to take a newborn out in public? Some parents feel waiting to take your baby out in public is best because their immune system is still so fragile. Also, they say it’s best to avoid big crowds and closed spaces until the baby is about 6-8 weeks old. Many others say they do not see the big deal in the matter. In fact, they say it is important to build your baby’s immune system as much as you can and give them fresh air. How soon did you take your newborn out in public?

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