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Mother's Day 3: Bump Day of 7 Days Celebrating You!

Day 3: “Bump Day” of the 7 Days of Celebrating You! It’s hump day, but here at You! Lingerie, its Bump Day!!! Submit a picture your baby bump (past or present) for a chance to win a You! Lingerie bra & panty set. One winner will be selected at random.

7 Days of Celebrating You!: Day 3

ONE lucky mama will win a Nursing Bra and Panty Set

Open to all Mamas. Contest winner will be announced on May 5, 2013 at 12pm EST. Be sure to check back to find out if you are a winner and remember our basic rules apply. Also, don't forget that we are running our epic Mother's Day Sale offering 30% OFF storewide with code MOTHERSDAY30, shop our store now.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are chosen as a winner, we will send you an email alerting you of your winnings. If we do not hear back from you within 24 hours, we will pick another winner.




By Heidy, on


By Yenny , on

Mothers day ??

By Heidic, on

My favorite being a mom moment is looking into my babies eyes when hes feeding. Bonding time.

By Yenni figueroa, on

Thanks you

By Blanca Alarcon, on

Thank you

By Leslie Cardinal , on

My submitted picture was at 39weeks pregnant and I’m 3 months and a week with baby girl #2 =D

By Juana, on

I wish i be the winers

By Jael Duran , on


By Adriana, on

I like

By Zulma, on

I wanna win for mothers day . its good

By Alma R Bowman, on

I love it when my 2 year old hugs his 9 day old brother and gives him kisses.

By Stephanie K, on

One of my favorite being a mom moments is when my second child latched for the first time – I NEVER thought I would enjoy breastfeeding but when I felt his gentle tug I realized that I missed it after I quit nursing my daughter after 1 year. My other favorite “being a mom” moment involves multiple bodily fluids – which I no longer get frustrated about but proudly wear as badges of honor!

By Erika Lopez , on

I love that you are celebrating mamas all around! I would love to have one of your items verysoon so I can nurse my little baby girl that is on the way!!

By Emily, on

What a fantastic way to enter today’s contest! Who doesn’t love an adorable baby bump?
I used You! lingerie for both my babies, and plan to use You! Nursing bras again with #3. I recommend the brand to everyone!

By Brooke Simonson, on

My favourite mom moment and moments I am looking forward to again in a couple of weeks are all the newborn snuggles!

By Christina C., on

The best memory was the first time she intentionally have me a hug. My heart melted all over again!

By Jenna, on

Yay! I’d love to win! Y’alls bras and undies make nursing stylish and not dull! :)

By Staycet, on

Love the nursing bras. So beautiful and work great.

By Stacey, on

One of my favorite mommy moments was when we brought our second son (fourth child) home from the hospital. Our daughters were enamored with him, but our son was reluctant to engage with him. The second day we were home, out of the blue, he asked to hold him. When I set him in his arms, his smile lit up his whole face and he said, “Ben is my best friend! I love him!”

By Cindy Kong, on

One of my favorite mom moment is when my daughter meet her little brother. She was so excited and I see the love she has for him.

By Kellie, on

Seeing my baby smile for the first time! Favorite best memory ever!

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